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Back To Eden Film-Gardening

If you watch this film and do not immediately start looking for wood chips, then there is something wrong with you ;-)
BACK TO EDEN shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden. The organic growing system that has resulted from Paul Gautschi’s incredible experiences has garnered the interest of visitors from around the world. However, never until now have Paul’s methods been documented and shared like this!

As a part of our mission to freely give and freely receive, the makers of BACK TO EDEN have agreed to stream the full feature film online for free. For viewers who support this film and who want to help other people see it, please share, buy copies of the full feature film to give to others or host a screening in your community.

Thank you for your support and generosity! It is with great excitement that we welcome you to watch the full feature film, BACK TO EDEN.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What is the Illuminati?

Many misconceptions exist about the term "illuminati". Check out some of these sites to educate yourself on the real illuminati...

Ultimately, I believe that the conspiracy is against Jesus Christ. The Bible says so:

Psalm 2

 1 Why do the nations conspire
   and the peoples plot in vain?
2 The kings of the earth rise up
   and the rulers band together
   against the LORD and against his anointed, saying,
3 “Let us break their chains
   and throw off their shackles.”
 4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
   the Lord scoffs at them.
5 He rebukes them in his anger
   and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
6 “I have installed my king
   on Zion, my holy mountain.”

European History & the Illuminati

The Order of the Illuminati-its methods and its influence on the world

The world “Illuminati” is thrown around rather freely to describe the elite group that is secretly running the world. Most have a general idea of the meaning of the term, but are confused about the concepts and the ideas relating to it. Is the Illuminati the same thing as Freemasonry? What are their goals? What are their beliefs? Why do they act in secret? Do they practice occultism? Attempting to objectively research the subject can become an arduous task as most sources end up being either dismissive disinformation pieces that deny (and even ridicule) anything related to the Illuminati or, at the other end of the spectrum, espouse ill-informed fear mongering based on rumors and misconceptions. In both cases, the researcher ends up with the same result: a distorted version of the truth.

Considering that Secret Societies are supposed to be, by definition, secret, and that history is often rewritten by those in power, obtaining the unbiased truth about the Illuminati is a challenge. This article does not claim to “reveal” or “expose” everything that is to be known about the Illuminati; it rather attempts draw a more precise picture of the Order by citing authors who have extensively studied the subject. Whether they are, at the end of the day, critics or apologists of the Illuminati, these authors base their thoughts on credible facts. Some of the most interesting documents on the Illuminati were written by initiates of Secret Societies as they understood the philosophical and spiritual undercurrent driving the movement forward. Using these works, we will look at the origins, the methods and the impacts of the Illuminati on world history.

See also:
Walter Veith Lecture-The Secret Behind Secret Societies

Roy Gane-Altar Call

Here is a good book that you can read online for free.

The Bible teaches us about God's character and Christ's ministry through the services performed at the ancient Israelite sanctuary.  By clearly explaining the meanings of these sanctuary services, Altar Call answers questions about Christ's current ministry in the heavenly sanctuary and explains what that has to do with our salvation through Christ's sacrifice.

Roy Gane is Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Theological Seminary of Andrews University. He was born in Sydney, Australia, grew up mainly in Lincoln, Nebraska, and later moved to Angwin, California, where he graduated from Pacific Union College in 1977 with a B.A. in Theology and a B.Mus. in Piano Performance.


To many Christians, Christ's prolonged absence since He ascended to heaven is a mystery. But the Bible reveals that He is continuing to save us, and it invites us to get in touch with Him where He is now – in His sanctuary in heaven. By becoming acquainted with what He is doing in the control center of the universe, we can enjoy closer interaction with Him, more fully experience His transforming grace, and have confidence that we are at peace with God.

The Bible teaches us about God's character and Christ's ministry through the services performed at the sanctuary on earth, where the Lord resided with the ancient Israelites.

By clearly explaining the meanings of the sanctuary services, Altar Call answers questions that have an enormous impact upon the way Christians relate to God and to salvation through Christ's sacrifice. For example:

Was atonement completed at the cross or can you be involved in atonement now?

When you sin, do you still have assurance that you are saved?

Why are you saved by grace through faith but judged by works?

Do you know when God's judgment begins?

How does the judgment affect your personal spiritual experience?

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kony 2012 & Dominion Theology

I don't want to just repost all of VC's articles, but this one deserves mention. I don't really have any conclusive links, but this seems related to Christian Dominionism. Here are the resources for you to decide for yourself...

KONY 2012: State Propaganda for a New Generation

The reason that I am linking Kony 2012 with dominion theology is because Invisible Children seems to be funded by some radical right wing dominionist organizations. Dominionism is really just a type of Christian Imperialism, to put it simply.

Please see my previous posts on dominion theology:

KONY 2012 " Invisible Children " Reputable Charity or Front For The Radical Evangelical Religious Right? *disclaimer-I don't agree with everything in this article.

This is an interesting interview with Joseph Kony. He says that all of the negative claims about him are propaganda. He denies abducting children and mutilating people.
Interview with Joseph Kony

Although I'm not normally a fan of Alex Jones, this is worth a watch. It seems like it could be a move to set up holy war between Islam & Christianity. That would fall in line with the dominionist stuff. Like Alex, I'm not sure if Invisible Children is just a "useful idiot" or a part of the plan to create a New World Order. The piece of the puzzle that is missing from all of these reports is that of the great controversy between Christ & Satan. I think if we look at it from that perspective, then it makes a lot more sense.

KONY 2012 FRAUD African Invasion Psyop
Ugandan Prime Minsister's Response to Kony 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Ben Stein shows us a world where Academia’s freedom of inquiry might not be so free. This should be a concern for anyone and everyone. This undermines the concept that we will be teaching facts and truth in our universities. However, if you watch how this documentary is formatted you will find that this documentary is overly biased, delving into spectrums of propaganda! Let me explain. Stein sets about proving his premise by interviewing scientists that have been rejected by the establishment. Scientists who have allegedly had their lives ruined because of their belief in something called “Intelligent Design.” Science isn’t here to persecute people’s beliefs and this concept would probably outrage anyone… that is until you realize the lengths he goes to paint science as the root of this evil.
So, we have Stein interviewing scientists that have had their qualifications ruined by the establishment, wouldn’t you think Stein should interview people working in the scientific community at the time about this issue? If this persecution of dissidents was happening I would think he’d go and talk to people still working in the field and cite his examples for scrutiny. This never happens. Either Stein is a just a terrible host for a documentary and should stick to the game shows, or he has an agenda. Stein does interview PZ Myers, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott, and the mighty Richard Dawkins for his grand finale, but he never once asks them about the people that were fired or denied tenure. He only sticks to questions concerning how life began.
He doesn’t even really talk to them about why Intelligent Design is rejected by the scientific community versus why evolution is taught. He never asks these questions. Michael Ruse, who isn’t even credited during his interview (more sloppy documentary work), proposes a possible life beginning scenario involving crystals. This results in Stein asking him again how it’s possible… after Ruse just told him and results in what can be interpreted as a rude response from Ruse. This style of filming to show scientists as unwilling to entertain the idea of Intelligent Design pushes the viewer to see science as intolerable.

Also, just for good balance, you can check out the dissenters here: 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies (Documentary)

Part 1

Part 2

The butterfly can be a symbol of a person's transformation through God.

Dr. William E. Biederwolf once said, “Every creature born into this world has a nature after its kind. You can’t train a bird to crawl, for the same reason you can’t train a snake to fly. True to his nature, a caterpillar crawls, and when we see him fly we don’t say, ‘What an accomplished caterpillar!’ But we say the creature has been changed, it has a new nature, it has been born again; it is now a butterfly. The same thing is true of the natural and spiritual man.”

The Beauty and Design of Butterflies
Throughout history, butterflies have fascinated artists and philosophers, scientists and schoolchildren with their profound mystery and beauty. In Metamorphosis you will explore their remarkable world as few ever have before.
Spectacular photography, computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open once hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly's life-cycle. From an egg the size of a pinhead to a magnificent flying insect. It is a transformation so incredible biologists have called it "butterfly magic."
The butterfly's superbly engineered body is magnified hundreds of times to reveal compound eyes made of thousands of individual lenses, wings covered with microscopic solar panels, and navigational systems that unerringly guide Monarch butterflies on their annual migration from Canada to Mexico.
How did these extraordinary creatures come into being? Are they the products of a blind, undirected process? Or were they designed by an intelligent cause?
Filmed in North, Central, and South America, Metamorphosis is an unforgettable documentary filled with the joys of discovery and wonder.

Purchase the DVD HERE